Psychometric Analysis

Psychometric analysis is often described as technology meets psychology.
Whether it's your personality, values, behavioural style, attitudes etc, these tools aid us in our ability to understand ourselves and others better.

For employers to have a better idea of how to select, manage, or develop their employees. Whether it be as remote workers, teams or individuals.

These tests are accessible to everyone and used for a multitude of purposes:

Self-understanding & Growth
Development & Retention
Leadership & Performance
Employee engagement
Role identification and hiring

For whatever reason we have you covered

We offer standard testing such as PPA, TEIQ, Bespoke 360.
Bespoke package available for corporate development purposes and employee perk coaching.
Jennifer Kelliher is qualified in psychometric analysis by Thomas international.
Review of psychometric tests can be conducted online or in person.

Types of Services we offer:
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