TEIQ | Trait Emotional Intelligence

The Trait Emotional Intelligence Psychometric analysis establishes your level of overall emotional intelligence on a global scale, 4 descriptive factors groupings and then 15 facets falling under these factors. Configured through the completion of a survey lasting approximately 30 minutes and comprising of 153 questions. 

The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire is a normative test of personality traits. It measures you on a continuum and there are no right or wrong answers. It comes from attitudes, values, beliefs and personality that is contained within you as a person and may or may not be easily observed by the outside world.

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It provides rapid and deep insights into the person’s emotional abilities, towards themselves and others. Predicting how the individual would react in numerous circumstances such as interacting with others, emotional situations, and how they handle stress and impulse. It provides a foundation for development and training.

The TEIQ measures our understanding of ourselves and others and our ability to use this information to accomplish our goals.
While in general our work successes can be seen as dependent on our educational background, our skills and experience, satisfaction at  work and a productive  work environment can be attributed to our understanding of ourselves and how we come across to others and our ability to understand what makes other people tick. Emotional intelligence involves our ability to connect with others productively in order to get a job done or to achieve a mutual goal.

Emotional intelligence is imperative in work areas as varied as management and leadership, team and project management, all customer-based relationships, etc. It is also important in social and family relationships and in our ability to understand ourselves and the factors that influence our reactions.

By using TEIQ:

You can

Understand employees emotions and how they manage relationships
Recruit emotionally intelligent candidates
Employ effective communication
Fine tune their management skills
Foster engagement and loyalty


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