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Organised Mind is a Career Coaching and Psychometric Analysis Consultancy. Offering a dynamic range of services from career coaching to corporate development packages. Through the process of self-discovery and value attributions we help the client learn more about themselves and their companies. This in turn enables them to learn what it is they want from their career, be it fulfilment, passion, more money, etc. Or perhaps to identify their ideal employee, making the recruitment process more streamlined and efficient. 

If you've had enough and want to move forward in your career or company with alignment, then please contact us for a complementary chemistry session.    

Jennifer Kelliher | Director, Organised Mind

Our Services

Discover yourself, discover your passion

Are you stuck in a rut, hate going to work each day, don’t see yourself in this role in the future, on a career break after starting your family and aren’t sure what direction you want to go in or what would suit you?

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Are you looking to fill a gap in your company, are you sick of hiring the wrong people, are you looking to increase productivity? YES! Do you want the perfect team, the ideal face of your company, to increase efficiency? YES!

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Psychometric analysis is often described as technology meets psychology. Whether it's your personality, values, behavioural style, attitudes etc, these tools aid us in our ability to understand ourselves and others better.

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Our Philosophy

I help others align their values, strengths, aspirations and personality, with their passion and purpose, through coaching and psychometric analysis.


We love what we do
and we do it with passion!

We spend 90,000 hours of our life working, my goal is for that working environment to be one of passion, joy and synergy.

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